quarta-feira, dezembro 28, 2005

A pensar...

Mum, I did everything you said,
I had a Sprite and kept my head.
It was smoky and smelly, so I went outside,
Looked for a bit at the countryside.

Crossed the road, out into the night,
When suddenly, headlights were blazing bright.
I heard a thud and then a crack
I felt my head thrusting back.

I thought I heard sirens and voices as well,
I thought I was maybe in Heaven or Hell.
Mum, I can’t feel the cold, I can’t feel the rain,
I’m souring above life on a current of pain.

Mum, I’m frightened now, I think I’ll die,
I want to scream it out: Why, Why, Why?
You don’t have to sneak or creep or lie,
You don’t have to deserve it: anyone can die.

I wasn’t drunk, the driver was,
Mum, I want to tell you I love you because,
My agony is melting away,
I don’t think I’ll see the light of day.

I’m sad because I never got straight A’s
I’m sad because I had my ‘off’ days,
Don’t cry, I liked my funeral Mum,
It was nice to see everyone.

But I’ve been extinguished like a useless flame,
And you will never see me again.
Mum, today I might still be alive,
If someone didn’t drink and drive."

Megan Moore (aged 11) Cowes, Isle of Wight

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