domingo, junho 03, 2007

A ciência da Segurança

Na Austrália, existe uma faculdade dedicada unicamente à Segurança: Gestão de Risco, Toxicologia aplicada e Factores Humanos. É a Safety Science - Faculty of Science, parte da Universidade of New South Whales, em Sydney. Na sua página de apresentação diz:

The School of Safety Science is the largest and most research intensive University Department in Australia which focuses on safety, the environment, and general risk management. We offer undergraduate and postgraduate coursework and research degrees. Students range from school leavers in the Safety Science Major of the BSc to senior managers undertaking a postgraduate coursework degree. We also have students with significant experience working in safety or risk management related professions but no limited paper qualifications studying for their first professional qualification.

Havemos de lá chegar...

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